SEMINAR ON TIGER SHARC PROCESSOR : In the last three years of data path pipe and digital signal processors have been introduced in the market.To take advantage of these new-generation DSP for greater integration with the were available to his predecessors. The Tiger SHARC processor is the newest and The most powerful member of this family, which includes a variety of mechanisms, such as SIMD,VLIW and access memory in a single short vector processor. This is the first time all these techniques were combined in a real-time processor. The DSP is an ultra high performance TigerSHARC static superscalar architecture that is optimized for telecommunications infrastructure and other compute-intensive applications. This unique combines elements o f RISC, VLIW and standard DSP processors to provide native support for 8, 16, and types of fixed and floating-point 32-bit data a single chip. Large on-chip memory, high internal and bandwidth both external and two blocks of computing to provide the necessary capacity to manage a wide range of demanding calculations, large signal processing tasks.

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