SEMINAR ON BUBBLE SENSING : We offer the detection of bubbles, an abstraction of the new sensor network that allows mobile users to create a connection between detection tasks and the physical world in places of interest, which remains active for a period defined by the user. We envision mobile phones are capable of placing the work of the bubble detection in places of interest and receive sensed data as it becomes available in a tolerant, essentially creating a documentary of life in places physical world. The system is based on other phones that pass through opportunistic sites to buy bubble detection tasks and to detect, on behalf of the initiator, and provide data to the server for recovery bubble detection by the user who initiated the task.
We describe an implementation of bubble detection system using the sensor for mobile phones, especially Nokia N80 and N95 (with GPS, accelerometers, microphones, cameras). bubbles remain in work places around the interaction of the "bubble carriers, which have the task of detection in the area of ​​interest, and" bubble anchors "that keep the task of the bubble in the area where the company the bubble is. In our application, carriers and anchorages bubble bubble protocols implement a series of simple mobile phone based on the task of updating the state of the bubble as the new mobile phones in moving the region. They communicate through mobile ad hoc local 802.11g radio to transfer state of the task and keep the task in the region of interest. The task of the state of the bubble is ephemeral and sometimes when there is no bubble in the media or the bubbles are the anchors of the region.
Our design is resistant to periods where no moving through the area of ​​the bubble and is capable of ''reloading " the task in to the bubble region.

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