SEMINAR ON NANOTECHNOLOGY : Computers to reproduce information on almost no cost. An outbreak is underway to invent devices that produce almost no cost, to treat atoms, such as computers treat bits of information. This would automatically construction of consumer goods outside the traditional work, such as the Xerox The machine produces unlimited copies without a secretary retype the original information. Electronics powered by miniaturization. Working with children leads to tools that can manipulate individual atoms as protein in a manipulate atoms potato land and water to make copies of itself (Drexler, Merkle paraphrased). The secret of self-replication, biological or brief, is the element building blocks. Biology uses atoms. Atoms new and squeaky clean as when they began to condense pure energy Big Bang, they come in 92 flavors (elements), each atom is identical (Electronics) to another atom of flavor and remarkable attributes stick to each other. Chemistry forced marriage and a technique called "Nanotechnology" is to undertake a period of self-replicating machines and self-assembly of consumer goods cheaply made the first atoms (Drexler, Merkle paraphrased). If we are able to invest in construction of atomic structure separately, to open the realm of super-large molecules can not be found nature, designed by engineers (within the normal laws of chemistry) Facilities, great facilities, or microscopic structures and machines can be Manufactured from materials which are unusual physical properties, such as coal to a very strong form of diamond. Ideally, the planned "nanites" machines with Atomic size components can take any source of atoms and the energy required to copies of themselves, then "grow" things without traditional manufacturing techniques and products with no side effects. No waste means no side reactions This technology would be super-green nanites can be programmed and run wild clean the existing industrial pollution (and more than two decades).

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