Confidential Data Storage and Deletion

SEMINAR ON CONFIDENTIAL DATA STORAGE AND DETECTION : With the decrease in cost of electronic storage space press, more and more susceptible details gets located in those press. Computers regularly go missing, either because they are lost or because they are lost. These notebooks contain private details, in the form of records, reports, messages, cached details, and network access experience. This private details is typically far more valuable than laptops computer components, if it actually reaches right people. There are two major aspects to defend the privacy of details on these storage space media/laptops. First, details must be located in a private manner. Second, we must make sure that private details once removed can no longer be refurbished. Various techniques exist to store private details such as security programs, security file program etc. Microsoft BitLocker Drive Encryption provides security for drive volume and is available with Windows Landscape Ultimate and Enterprise models.
This paper represents the most commonly used security criteria, Advanced Encryption System (AES) which is used for many of the private details storage space techniques. This workshop also represents some of the private details erasure techniques such as physical devastation, details overwriting techniques and Key erasure.


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