SEMINAR ON 3G: Marconi's innovative concept of electromagnetic waves and the air Interface in 1897 was the first milestone on the main road to share spectrum. But not until almost a hundred years later, he made a wireless Communication begins to take off. Despite a series of disappointing false starts,communication in the world at the end of 1980 was quickly becoming more mobile much broader segment of users of communication than ever. With the advent of wireless technology, a transition from point to point communications-cons personto personal communications (ie, regardless of position) has begun. Manifestation of this is a rapidly growing penetration of mobile phones around the world. In Anticipating the growing consumer demand, the next generation of wireless systems strive to person to person communication circuit and package of multimedia data.The first generation cellular networks, based on analog lines FM modulation technology have been successfully implemented from the beginning and Mid-1980. A typical example of first generation cellular systems (1G) is Advanced mobile phone service (AMPS). The second generation (2G) wireless systems use digital modulation and advanced call handling capabilities. Given the complexity of these digital processing systems, two offered advantages is the possibility of using radio systems efficient spectrum such as Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) or Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), compared to the frequency division multiple access analog (FDMA) systems and previously worked in a variety of entry into force of the provision integrated voice and data services, such as paging and low-speed data transmission network access. Examples of 2G wireless systems include the Global System for Mobile Communications communications (GSM), TDMA and IS-54/IS-136 Personal Digital Cellular (PDC).Third generation (3G) wireless systems will evolve from 2G mature The aim of the network is to provide universal access and global roaming. More the importance of these systems are supposed to support multi-dimensional (multi-information media, streaming media and multi-layer network) wireless high-speed communication is an important step towards realizing the grand vision of ubiquitous personal communications. Introduction of broadband data service packages Wireless Internet for up to 2 Mbps will be the most important feature of 3G.

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