Cloud Computing

Seminar On Cloud Computing :

           Cloud computing is the latest of computing paradigms. It promises to change the way people use computing resources. Using Internet as the backbone, cloud computing asserts that it is possible to provide computing as a “utility” to end users “as and when needed” basis. Cloud computing has a potential to serve users of all kinds: individual users, institutions, industry at large. This report cover issues such nature and scope of cloud computing, its applications, business rationale etc.
            Cloud computing is a business model that harnesses the web as the ultimate business platform. Cloud computing is impregnated with immense potential for array of practical applications. The model is expected make computing needs available via web on retail basis and is called cloud computing. Cloud computing intends to make the Internet the ultimate home of all computing resources- storage, computations, applications and allow end user to available them in quantities of her choice, location of their preferences, for duration of their liking. In other world web become the provision store for all your computing needs.