Small Computer System Interface

SEMINAR ON Small Computer System Interface : SCSI is actually an acronym for Small Computer System Interface, and is pronounced "skuzzy". This is the second most popular interface used in hard disk PC today. It is a high speed, intelligent peripheral I / O bus with a unit independent of the protocol to transfer data from various devices. SCSI bus to connect all parts of the computer system in order to communicate with each other. Relieve the host CPU bus responsible for I / O functions. SCSI bus can be either internal or external cross the border from internal to external. The SCSI protocol is a peer-to-peer relationship: an entity shall not be subordinate to another unit for I / 0 operations. Only two of these devices can communicate through the bus at any given time.Each SCSI bus can connect up to 8 or 16 devices, one of these devices will always be the computer or the SCSI card, because they are too SCSI devices. SCSI devices are designated either as initiators (drivers) or targets (receptors) and the host computer interface called the host adapter. Each device is connected to the bus will have a different SCSI ID, ranging 0-7. The adapter has an ID, leaving seven identifications of other materials. SCSI hardware typically consists of hard drives, tape drives, CD-ROM, printers and scanners. . seems to have an idea of ​​how SCSI should work. While connections themselves have been standardized, the specifications of the actual driver is used to communication have not been. The end result is that each piece of equipment SCSI has its own adapter. Therefore, due to the lack of a standard adapter, a standard software interface and a standard BIOS for hard disks attached to SCSI. Adapter.

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