SEMINAR ON MULTIMEDIA : Multimedia data transmission over packet switched networks typically need to reserve resources to guarantee an acceptable level of performance (eg, throughput or delay). In this paper, we address the problem of how to create such real-time communication reliable. Firstly it is important to limit the duration of traffic disruption caused by an error at a reasonable bit. Given the large amount of multimedia data, minimizing the overhead of error tolerance is also important.
Furthermore, as more applications with security requirements of different operating share the same network, the level of reliability for a particular application should be "adaptable", depending on the criticality of the application. First, the survey of existing approaches and then present our program is developed according to three design goals: fast failure recovery, the low burden of fault tolerance, reliability and security for connection. Our system provides an integrated solution covering topics such as connection establishment, failure detection, the implementation of error recovery, and reconfiguration of resources.

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