SEMINAR ON HYPER-THREADING TECHNOLOGY : Hyper-Threading Technology is a pioneer The innovation of Intel, which allows multi-threaded server software applications to execute threads in parallel within each processor in a server platform. Intel ® Xeon ™ family uses the Hyper-Threading Technology Intel ® NetBurst ™ micro-architecture, increased computing power and throughput for today's Internet, e-Business and Enterprise server applications. This level of threading technology has never been seen before in a general purpose microprocessor. Ultra-Threading can increase transaction rates, reduced end-user response times and improving productivity provide a competitive advantage for e-business and enterprise. Intel ® Xeon ™ server family is next leap in processor design and performance being the first Intel ® support thread-level parallelism single processor.With parallel processing and the application becomes more prevalent, the server platforms today are increasingly for threading as a means to increase overall system performance.Server applications have been threaded (divided into two instruction streams) may use different processors. OS-aware multi-processing can program the son to parallel processing, across multiple processors in the server system. These same applications can run unmodified on the Intel ® Xeon ™ family of servers and exploit thread-level parallelism of each processor in the system. Hyper-Threading Technology Full traditional multi-processing, providing more Release of parallelism and thread performance software.

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