SEMINAR ON INSIDE PAGE RANK : The advantage of a web page is strictly related to its contents and subjectivity cultural background Readers' measure the page authority can be established that only depends on the topological structure of the World Wide Web. PageRank is a way to attach a significant Evaluation of web pages based on Internet connectivity.
In this seminar, I present inside PageRank to disclose its basic properties relative stability, the complexity of the calculation scheme and the critical parameters included in the calculation. The role of web graphic design substantially studied and some theoretical results, which highlight a number of interesting PageRank properties is established. And then I'll explain the concept of energy simply the sum of the PageRank for all pages of a given society, and propose a general circuit analysis which allows us to understand the distribution of PageRank. In addition, the conditions of the energy balance can understand how different Web communities interact with each other, the role of dangling pages (pages without outlinks), and the secrets to promoting websites. After explain the convergence of different optimization techniques.

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