SEMINAR ON DIAMOND CHIP : Any electronic device without silicon is incredible, but it will come true with the development of diamond or carbon chip.Now a days, we use silicon for the production of Electronic Chip's. It has many drawbacks when used in power electronics applications, such as bulk in size,slow operating speed etc. carbon, silicon and germanium are the same group in the periodic table . They have four valance electrons in their outer shell. Pure silicon and germanium are semiconductors at room temperature. Thus, in the early days, they are widely used in the manufacture of electronic components. But later, it is found that Germanium has many disadvantages compared to silicon, such as large reverse current, less stability towards temperature, etc. so that the industry focused on the development of electronic components using silicon wafers.
Now, people in the research found that carbon is more useful than silicon. Using carbon as a manufacturing material, we can get a smaller, faster and stronger chips. They succeeded in manufacturing small prototypes of the carbon chips. They invented an important component of carbon is "carbon nanotube", which is widely used in modern microprocessors, and it will be a main component in the diamond chips.

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