SEMINAR ON LANDMINES_DETECTION : Landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO) are a legacy of war insurgency, and guerrilla activity. Landmines kill and maim about 26,000 people per year. In Cambodia, the total areas of land not livestock because of the threat of landmines. United Nations operations for relief more difficult and dangerous due to the mining of roads. Current clearance techniques rely heavily on metal detectors and products.
Technologies used for landmine detection are:
 Metal Detectors --- able to find mine content, even in low metal mineralized.
 The nuclear magnetic resonance, allowing fast and thermal neutrons neutron activation.
 The thermal imaging and electro-optical sensors --- find signs of buried objects.
 biosensors, such as dogs, pigs, bees and birds.
 chemical sensors, such as heat, fluorescence is detected in the air --- and water-based explosive.

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