SEMINAR ON SOLAR POWER SATELLITE : The new millennium has increased the pressure to find new sources of renewable energy. exponential population growth has led to to the global crisis as global warming, environmental pollution and change and the rapid decline in fossil shells. Electricity demand increases the power to demand much more energy than the world is industrialized and computerized. In these circumstances, research done to examine the possibility of building a power station in space transmit electricity to Earth by radio waves, solar energy Satellites. Solar Power Satellites (SPS) converts solar energy to microwaves and submit the bar inside the microwave antenna on Earth electricity.SPS Convert plain is clean, large-scale, stable electricity power source. Solar power satellites is known by a variety of other names as Satellite Power System, Power Space Station, Space Power System, Solar Power Station, the Space Solar Power Station, etc. 1. One of the main technologies are necessary to ensure that future opportunities for the SPS is that the Microwave Wireless Power Transmission.WPT based on energy transfer the ability to tell the microwave beam energy can be transmitted by a tightly focused microwave beam. The progress of phased array antennas and rectennas provided the building blocks of a WPT system implementation 2.

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