SEMINAR ON ELECTRONIC-COMMERCE : A visit to Earth Every New Challenges are Crees with curiosity and innovations of Science and Engineering. Through this long man himself wanted a son to be able to ENJOY the life pleasant WITH unexpressed complete. Expanded it a fad son of the United Nations has entered into a infinite sky to zero.
Electronic commerce is the business environment in which information related to the purchase, sale and transportation of goods and services electronically moves. This includes all the technology that allows a company to do business electronically. This gave great solutions to fit the development of requirements and challenges of trade.
The solutions focus on improving online sales, customer satisfaction and the success of initiatives to promote investment by the respective company. Also facilitate personal transactions, so the cost savings that increase the storage process line.This makes use of telecommunications and data processing technology to improve the quality of transactions between trading partners. It was in some way from the investment of the first telegraph and improves efficiency by leveraging the organization of computing, data storage technologies and data communications. Electronic commerce has created a new industrial revolution spread to extravagant means to assess their own business to customers, even around the world.
Social awareness has also increased its rates to the public on alternatives to the latest fashion as customarizing to these businesses.
With this release e-business better and more efficient communication with customers. In addition customers can also enjoy the convenience of shopping anytime, anywhere in world.It thing is still quite happy to know that even if the hand of success has been verbally, but to buy , sell, develop, innovate, challenge, discovery, construction, demand for business meetings, ... ... ... every thing today, only with a sharp cutting of E-commerce for the success of individual souls.

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