Grid Computing

Seminar On Grid Computing : Today we are in the Internet world and everybody would prefer to receive fast access to the Internet. But due to multiple shocks, the possibility exists that the system freezes or reduces the performance that led to the resumption of the process from the beginning. This is one of the serious problems that need to attract the attention of researchers.
So we took this issue to our research, and in this paper, we give a scheme of implementation of our proposed model grid that can access the internet very quickly. Using our grid, we can easily retrieve a set of files very quickly depending on the number of systems used in the network. We used the concept of Grid Computing for this purpose.
The grid made by us through the Globus Architecture standard, which is the unique Grid architecture currently used worldwide for the development of the network. And we proposed an algorithm for fitting our model grid is considered a model for the implementation of others. To implement in practice, our program allows users to experience the way of lightning through the Internet for downloading multiple files.

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