Wireless Intelligent Networking

SEMINAR ON WIRELESS INTELLIGENT NETWORKING :Wireless Intelligent Network (WIN) is a idea being designed by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Standards Committee TR45.2. The objective of WIN is to drive intelligent network (IN) features, based on meantime standard (IS)-41, into wireless systems WIN is scheduled as an structure that distinguishes the services sense and feature features from the wireless network change and places that features in other types of the network. . Not only are members requiring on more features, not only are client facets growing at incredible pace, but as members become progressively more used to using wireless mobile phones, they are becoming more mobile and need more solutions. Objectives for solutions have gone beyond the need for crisis assistance; people need the same features that they are using on their residential mobile phones. The wireless intelligent network (WIN) paradigm is the key to helping companies offer new increased solutions at sensible pace. Cases of solutions provided by WIN are inbound call testing, phoning name display, short information solutions, speech managed phoning, conversation to textual content transformation etc. WIN materials personalized management of flexibility and increased solutions, provides features for fast services arrival, services generation and services choices.

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