SEMINAR ON LINUX KERNEL RELEASE 2.6 : Linus Torvalds as a Minix-like operating system launched the Linux kernel project in 1991 for its 386. (Linus had originally wanted the project to name Freax, but the name is now familiar one that stuck.) The first official version Linux 1.0 was in March 1994, but it only supports single processor i386 machines. Just a year later, Linux 1.2 released (March 1995) and was the first version with support for different hardware platforms (specifically: Alpha, Sparc, and Mips), but still only the single-processor models. Linux 2.0 arrived in June 1996 and also included support for multiple architectures, but most importantly brought Linux into the world of multi-processor machines (SMP). After 2.0, later versions were major a little slow in coming (Linux 2.2 and 2.4 in January 1999 to January 2001), each revision expanding Linux's support for new hardware and system types as well as lot of scalability increase. (Linux second 2.4 was also notable in this release that really broke Linux into the desktop space with kernel support for ISA Plug and Play, USB, PC Card support and other additions.) Linux 2.6, released on 17/12 / 03, stands not only to build on these features, but also to be another "great leap" with improved support for both significantly larger and smaller (PDAs and other devices.)

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