iSCSI-Future of Network Storage

SEMINAR ON iSCSI-Future of Network Storage : Defined iSCSI, iSCSI (Internet SCSI) is a proposed standard protocol for encapsulating SCSI commands in TCP / IP and allows I / O block data transport over IP networks. iSCSI can be used to build IP SANs. Simple but powerful technology can contribute to a high speed, low cost storage solution for long distance sites, service providers, businesses and other organizations.

A NIC or iSCSI HBA, storage resources connected through Ethernet. As a result, core transport layers can be managed through existing applications of network management. The activities of senior management of iSCSI protocol - such as permissions, and configuration information of devices - can be stacked on top or integrated into these applications. For this reason, the deployment of interoperable solutions, active management for the enterprise iSCSI devices must respond quickly. The first generation iSCSI HBA performance should be very suitable for workgroups or departmental storage requirements of medium and large enterprises. The anticipated availability of TCP / IP offload engines in 2005 will significantly improve the performance of iSCSI products in the future

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