Integrating Structural Design and Formal Methods in RealTime System Design

SEMINAR ON Integrating Structural Design and Formal Methods in Real Time System Design : Formal methods have been recommended as one of the techniques that can produce high quality software and hardware systems that have proven to come in On Time, within budget and meet the requirements of the buyer. However, they are considered difficult to use and unsuitable for presentation to non-specialists. In addition, they have been criticized for paying too little attention to the development process of the system.

The traditional ("bubblesandarrows") methods do not aim to excel in the development process, but the features are not supported by evidence, etc.

Method of integration provides a promising agreement. This method takes advantage of both structured and formal methods, maintaining an intuitive graphical notation and the ability to test the properties. The approach is particularly beneficial in the field of real-time systems. We illustate the integration of a structured approach to personal development (JSD), which is assigned a formal semantics in terms of a variant of the CSP more TLZ, itself a hybrid of Z and TLA, which deals the statebased aspects. The formalization suggests changes in the JSD, which make it particularly suitable for use with real-time systems

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