SEMINAR ON EVOLUTION OF EMBEDDED-SYSTEMS : If the precision work of one of the gadget is accuracy, while the manufacturing cost of the device should be directly proportional to it. This in turn reduces the end users or the accessibility of adoptability. In the coming decades, the quality of work plays role in all areas. Also taking into account the field of medicine, Precision, time, accuracy, adoptability, is friendly be taken into account.This parameter plays the more important to develop a gadget in the medical field. Thus, these parameters to be measured cost of this gadget developed. This directly increases the aid costs to the end user.As for the board is in action, all of the above significant parameters in a single chip, is too small gadget that reduces manufacturing costs, the user friendly, adoptable, accuracy, etc. Since the gadget has been reduced in size, while maintaining The end result with the most benefits, and a machine that makes end users to use them at lower costs.

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