SEMINAR ON IMAGE-PROCESSING-APPLICATION-AVI-MEDICAL-IMAGE-CONTROL:Various medical images acquired directly from various instruments are in AVI format, which reduces the easy control screen image without conversion to standard medical imaging, which is the DICOM format. The project aims to develop a software manage the data acquisition line of medical equipment such as Ultra Sound machine, control the display speed to convert AVI image acquired Medical equipment directly from a DICOM image detail of a patient the user, freeze the image of the image of interest, AVI, convert AVI frozen frame to the bitmap, convert the bitmap image DICOM Details patient. This software is very reliable, effective management memory, and a very user-friendly. Medical equipment such as ultrasound, CT scans, etc. ... has photos their output avi file format, which has acquired probes. AVI acquired these images are stored. The capture software AVI, image, show them a frame-by-frame in a row, and convert
DICOM image data necessary for patients obtained from Specialist during the conversion. The frame of interest can be frozen and converted into a bitmap image, which can be considered as a separate lighting options window, darken, change the color scheme, Reversal of the image and restore the image. The image is converted to DICOM seen on any DICOM viewer. Most of all DICOM viewer will be designed to display information about the patient in the conversion.

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