SEMINAR ON MESOTECHNOLOGY : Mesotechnology describe an emerging research field which may be substituted for nanotechnology in the future as the primary means of controlling matter at length scales ranging from a cluster of atoms of microscopic elements. The prefix meso-meso comes from the Greek word, which means the middle, where the technology covers a range of length scales, as opposed to nanotechnology, which deals only with smaller atomic scales.
describes very well the phenomena at the atomic to the nanoscale, while the classical Newtonian mechanics describes the behavior of objects at the micro and the top. But the length scale in the middle (although this term is still relatively new, the general concept is not. In many areas of science has always been focused on two distinct elements and single or major statistical series, many theories have been used successfully. in physics, for example, Quantum Mechanicsmesoscale) are not well described by these two theories. Similarly, psychologists focuses heavily on the behavior and mental processes in the individual, while sociologists study the behavior of large segments of society, but what happens when only 3 people interact, the meso -scale.

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