SEMINAR ON MOTES : During the last year you heard about a new concept called motes calculation. This concept is also known as "smart dust" sensor networks wirelessly. It seems that almost every question about Popular Science, Discover and trendy today contains a blurb about a new use to promote the idea. For example, the military plans to use to gather information on the battlefield, and engineers plan to mix them in concrete and used to monitor the internal health of buildings and bridges.
There are thousands of different ways in which the grains can be used, and when people are aware, will be even more. This is a completely new paradigm for shared identity and opens an interesting new way to view computers.In this article, you will have the opportunity to understand how Motes work and see many possible applications of the technology. Then we will see the speck MICA - an existing technology that you can buy to try this unique way of sensing the world.

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