SEMINAR ON HAVC : Wireless transmission of electromagnetic radiation (communications signals) has become a popular method of transmitting RF signals such as cellular phone signals, wireless and cellular signals paper, two-way radio signals, signals videoconferencing and LAN within the signals.
Indoor wireless communication has the advantage that the building in which the transfer takes place, need not be full of wires or cables that is equipped to carry a wide range of signals. Cables and signals are costly to install and may require costly upgrades when capacity is exceeded or
when new technologies require different types of cables and son as lready installed.
Traditional within wireless communication systems transmit and receive the signal through the network of transmitters, receivers and antennas that are placed through out the interior of the building. The equipment must be the situation is such that the signals should not be lost or the signal strength can not attenuated. Once again, to change the current architecture also affects the wireless transmission. Another challenge related to the installation of wireless networks in buildings, it is necessary to provide the RF propagation and coverage in the presence of complex combinations of shapes and materials of the buildings.
In general, damping in buildings is higher than the free space,cells that require more and more power for greater coverage. Yet these, the placement of antennas, receivers and antennas in an indoor environment is very much a process of trial and error. There is therefore a need for a method and system to effectively transmit RF and microwave inside without having to install a complex system of son and cables inside buildings.
This article proposes an alternative method of distribution electromagnetic indicates the recognition of buildings, each building is equipped with an RF distribution of the waveguide system, air conditioning ducts. The use of air conditioning ducts is also subjected to systematic design procedure, but should be much less expensive than other methods such as existing infrastructure is used and RF distributed more efficiently.

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