SEMINAR ON FREE SPACE OPTICS : Communications, as it has always been clear, and depended only function of speed. The sooner the money! The most popular, most effective Communication is! Currently in the wireless network XXI win Centaury Because of the speed and ease of deployment and relatively large network robustness. The modern era of optical communication with the origin The invention of the laser in 1958 and manufacture of low loss optical fiber in 1970.
When we think of optical communications, we all think of optics fibers, which I for u now a common optical System without optical fibers or in other words FREE WIRELESS.Free Space Optics, or FSO Although only recently and rather suddenly jumped into the public consciousness, free space optics is not a new idea.It has roots that 90 of more than 30 years at the time before the optical fiber cable were the preferred means of transporting high-speed communications. FSO technology has been incorporated providing bandwidth, last mile Connectivity in today's converged network requirements.

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