SEMINAR ON THE THOUGHT TRANSLATION DEVICE : The thought-translation device (TTD) consists of a training unit and spelling of the program completely paralyzed with cerebral cortical lens potential (SCP). During the training phase is the self-regulation of stability and convergence programs taught through visual, auditory feedback and positive reinforcement of the stability and convergence,spelling phase, patients select letters or words with their programs of stability and convergence. A psycho physio logical system for detection of cognitive function was completely
paralyzed patients is an integral part of the TTD. Neuro physio logical and anatomical basis of SCP-regulation has been studied in BOLD response Registration in functional magnetic resonance imaging. The results showed that the participation of basal ganglia and the pre-motor cortex necessary SCP positivity. Clinical results of 11 paralyzed patients using the TTD and the quality of life of severe paralysis patients have been described.

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