SEMINAR ON IMAGE PROCESSING : Various medical images obtained directly from the various instruments are in AVI format, which reduces the easy control of image display without conversion to the medical image standard, which is the DICOM format. The objective of this project is to develop software manage online data collection from medical devices such as ultrasound machine, controlling the display rate, convert the image acquired from AVI Medical equipment directly to the DICOM image data obtained from patient User Picture Frame freeze interest AVI, convert AVI gel part of this bitmap convert bitmap image to DICOM patient information. This software is very reliable, efficient handle memory and very friendly. Medical equipment such as ultrasound, CT, etc. ... have pictures their production is an avi file format, which has acquired probes. AVI acquired these images are stored. The software captures this AVI image, the poster frame in the sequence and makes the DICOM image with the patient the necessary details are obtained from Specialists in converting. Part of interest can be frozen and converted into a bitmap, which can also be found on a separate sheet window of opportunity to make darker, change the color combination invert the image and restore the image. DICOM image becomes can be viewed on any standard DICOM viewer. Mostly all DICOM viewer will have the room to see the patient information during the conversion

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