SEMINAR ON SMART MEMORIES : continuous scaling of manufacturing technology of integrated circuits dramatic impact on computer systems of the future building. Scaling do the math cheaper energy becoming weaker so that more sophisticated calculations in a growing number of embedded applications. This the spread of low-cost, low computing power can be easily seen in today's wired (For example, a Gigabit Ethernet or ADSL) and wireless communication devices, the game consoles, handhelds and PDAs. These new applications are different characteristics of the workload of today's standard, often contain highly parallel data streaming behavior. Although applications are increasingly demanding calculate the performance, efficiency (OPS / W) and computational efficiency (OPS / $) also of utmost importance, because the designers have created a tightly focused silicon solutions tailored to meet those needs. However, the scale of process technology allows the construction of tailored solutions increasingly difficult due to the increasing complexity of the desired devices. While the design productivity has improved over time, and technologies such as the SoC to help manage the complexity, each generation complex machines is more expensive than its predecessor. High manufacturing costs for non-recurring items (eg mask generation) and long-Chip production delays mean that the design is even more carefully established, thus further increasing design costs. Thus, these large complex chips are only cost effective if they can be sold in large quantities. This is a great need However, effective market driven, they are targeted, personalized hardware solutions.

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