SEMINAR ON RESILIENT PACKET RING TECHNOLOGY : An important trend in networking is the migration of packet-based technology for Local Area Networks Metropolitan Area Networks. Quickly increasing volume of data traffic in metro networks is challenging the capacity limits existing transport infrastructures based on circuit-oriented technologies, such as SONET and ATM. Inefficiencies related to the achievement of greater amounts of data traffic over voice-optimized circuit-switched networks makes it difficult the provision of new services, and increases the cost of building additional capacity beyond within existing budgets the fastest growing "capital expenditure. parcel technology, a natural fit with the now ubiquitous IP protocol, is considered by many to be the only alternative for the extension of metro networks to meet demand. The solution to emerging applications of data transport meters Packet Ring technology. It has two key features that were previously exclusive SONET: efficient support for ring topology and fast recovery from fiber cuts and the link failures. At the same time, Packet Ring Technology can provide information on the effectiveness of advantages of simplicity and cost, typically Ethernet. Even if there There is currently no performance standard packages Rings Gigabit speeds and more, many vendors are developing and introducing packet ring technology to address this emerging markets.

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