SEMINAR ON REAL TIME SYSTEMS : real-time systems play an important role in our society, and covering a spectrum from very simple to very complex. Examples The current real-time systems are control of appliances, such as washing machines and televisions, monitoring of motor vehicles telecommunications switching systems, military command and control systems, industrial process control systems, flight control, and the space shuttle and avionics. All these functions include the collection of environmental data processing of collected data, and provide a timely response. A concept for time is the question the distinction between real time and non real-time systems. When the usual design goal is real-time systems is to maximize the system target rate for the design of real-time systems is to ensure that all tasks processed within a given period. Taxonomy time to introduce aspects of real-time systems research. real-time operating systems are an integral part of real time systems. Future systems will be much greater and more widespread, and should be carried out continuously varying functions dynamic environments. This puts extra demands of the future in real time operating systems. This workshop is the humble goal to transmit the main ideas Real Time System and Operating System design and real-time implementation.

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