SEMINAR ON REAL TIME IMAGE PROCESSING : his document is primarily intended for the imaging technique used for new video solve the problems associated with road systems in real time traffic control. There is a growing number of Demand in the traffic data of all kinds. Increasing congestion and problems associated with existing detectors has generated an interest in the detection of new vehicles technologies. But the systems have difficulties with congestion, shadows and lighting transitions. Problem in a specific application of image processing is traffic the fact that real-world images must be processed in real time. different algorithms, especially based on the work on the basic technology was developed for this purpose as the back ground algorithms are very sensitive to ambient lighting conditions did not produce expected results. So the monitoring of real-time images using the approach cutting research methods developed for the detection of vehicles in these conditions that have problems.
This paper provides an overview of image processing technique used in the video image analysis, the problems associated with it, methods for detecting vehicles and monitoring, pre-engineering, and the document also presents real-time images The technique used to measure the parameters of the queue of traffic.
Finally, general comments are made about the scalability of the method and scope of the detection algorithm new queue will be discussed.

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