SEMINAR ON MAGNETIC RAM : Click the button on the TV and immediately treated life. But do the same with your computer and expected to few minutes while it goes through its startup sequence. Why can not we is a computer that starts up as fast as television or radio? IBM, in collaboration with Infineon, promising to launch a new technology in In the coming years to eliminate the boot process. Magnetic Random Access Memory (MRAM), you can store more information, access to information faster and uses less energy than current memory technologies. Key MRAM is that the name implies, it uses magnetism instead of electricity to store data. This is a great leap of dynamic random access memory (DRAM), the most common type of memory used today, which requires a continuous supply of electricity and is terribly ineffective. Twenty-five years, exceeded the ferrite core DRAM in the race to dominate the market for PC memory. It now appears that ferromagnetic technology could be back, with IBM Corp. and Infineon Technologies supports a mixed team of 80 engineers and scientists, whose job is to make a magnetic RAM (MRAM) commercial reality in four years

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