SEMINAR ON History of Linux : Linux is a free operating system. The Linux kernel developed by Linus Torvalds, a student at the University of Helsinki. Linux is only responsible for creating the core system. Linux is now regarded as a set of software that includes the "heart to be a complete operating system.
Linux is a gateway to a lot of action takes place in the new Internet revolution. Linux provides the operating system of the end user, available for free and still provides first class services. These services, such as Web Server, Mail Server normally costs a lot and will be separate add-on packages on different operating system.
Millions of users around the world use Linux in different environments. To support the Linux operating system is used by many websites and the Internet. It 'used to design many of the artists graphics workstations. Linux is a modern operating system. This means that it will run 32-bit architecture, the preemptive use of multitasking, protected memory, supports multiple users, and has the full support of networks, such as TCP / IP. Linux was originally written for Intel's 386, but now serves a wide range of devices, such as the size of the x86 family of processors and chip Alpha, SPARC and PowerPC.

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