SEMINAR ON EMBEDDED SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY : Gadgets that can sense your mood, complex systems you can activate with just one touch, electronic devices that can monitor your every movement, retina-scanners that can trigger off an alarm. If this sounds like some secret-service operation, then the brains behind it undoubtedly are chips intelligent enough to detect and power applications that seemed impossible to design a few years ago.

Intrigued? You are not alone. Embedded systems technology is a field that has recently found a lot of takers. Join the growing ranks of people who are mastering a technology that hopes to look beyond the term 'microprocessor', and promises to be the next generation in the computing evolution.
"Integrated Technology" The term is quite complex. In simple terms, this means a combination of hardware and software as part of a larger system. This, in turn, is pre-programmed to perform a dedicated or narrow range of functions within a larger system, usually with minimal end user or operator intervention. The term "embedded" means that these chips are an integral part of the system. In general, these programmable devices or systems are generally used to perform, supervise or control such things as processes, machines, facilities, equipment and communications. These new generation of integrated chips are scalable, generate small amounts of heat and consume less energy.

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