SEMINAR ON CMR : general organization pattern is to increase sales of their products by increasing their revenues and profits. To do different organizations following different strategies. These strategies are of different types. For example, discounts, guarantees, etc. on their products to attract customers. The increase in the sales organization must maintain good relationships with their customers. To achieve increased sales organization must maintain standards for their products. We can not satisfy our customers today simply by the quality of products or services that we offer. We "know" our clients and "understand" their needs. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) involves expanding our organization to include our customers and treat them the way we treat our loved ones.In highly competitive markets, ensure customer loyalty is no easy task. Organizations have to work hard for customer satisfaction. But they are not yet fully understand that customer loyalty depends so much on advanced technologies like the Internet and the Web, as well as the organization's attitude towards their customers.

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