SEMINAR ON BLAST : The explosive growth of the industry in both wireless and Internet to create a significant market opportunity for wireless data access. Limited Internet access to a very low speed, is now available in some improvements cellular systems. But these systems are designed with to provide voice and on most short messages, but not quickly data transfer. Traditional wireless technologies are not well adapted to meet strict requirements are much transfer ubiquity, mobility and transfer characteristics of cellular systems. The increased use of antenna arrays seems to be the only way type of data transmission speed and capacity needed for Wi-Fi and Multimedia services. Although the deployment of base station becomes universal it really is the simultaneous introduction of the base station and terminal arrays This could trigger an unprecedented level of performance by opening several spatial scales of signaling. Theoretically user data rates up 2 Mb / s will be supported in some environments, although recent Studies have shown that the approach, which would be appropriate very supportive, close to the base station and without other users compete for bandwidth. Some basic problems of the nature of the radio channel and the limited bandwidth available frequencies of interest in terms of high transmission speed and low cost associated with widespread availability.

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