SEMINAR ON BIOMAGNETISM : Biomagnetism is the two sciences, physics and Biology. It is a science, especially the magnets and their energy fields to affect the living system, the human body or what is called the body electric. There are basic physical laws that come into play with the body electric. The body is the flow of electricity in the the human body. This flow of electric energy is collectively minutes currents and the load cell values that work the body and all its features. Biomagnetism can change and increase the flow of electricity and charges thereby increasing the operational effectiveness of the body's metabolism.
A new field of scientific research has been called Biomagnetism developed after a great find the magnetic field associated with the flow Electricity in the human body. biomagnetism deals with research magnetic impurities in the body. Science is applied biomagnetism The technology was originally developed to measure very small field of physics. On biomagnetics, magnetic fields produced by organs or magnetic impurities of the body are studied. The example of the fields
because of the iron-bearing proteins in the human liver. magnetic particles can be found in the lungs and stomach, which were introduced by environmental exposures, especially for workers in industries dealing iron and steel. Biomagnetism is a science and should be taken seriously. When protocols are observed Biomagnetism can help the body heal itself of the same chronic and long-term.

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