Seminar on Data Warehousing : The problem with most data on the web is that it is difficult to use on a large scale because there is no global system for publishing data so that it can be easily manipulated by anyone. Anyone who uses the WWW has the problem that you can trust to send you emails that I know, of course, if a transaction actually occurred. Thus, the Semantic Web can be seen as a huge technical solution ... but more than that.
Semantic Web is a mesh of information linked so as to be easily proceses of machines worldwide. Semantic Web provides a common framework that allows data to be shared and reused throughout the application. Work is an effort led by fourth-W3C. Semantic Web is about common formats for integration and combining data from different sources where the original Web mainly concentrated on the exchange of documents.
Semantic Web approach instead develops languages for expressing information in a machine to handle. This development is the Semantic Web is going to happen after all, in two areas: the infrastructure, all-encompassing, the position espoused by W3C/MIT fire and other scholarly organizations.
Our paper describes the details of the Semantic Web and its requirements, ontology, OWL, semantic web services and applications mainly FOAF provides a model for metadata about people and their interests. But Semantic Web technologies are still in their infancy, and future of the project in general, seems promising.

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