VHSIC Hard ware Description Language(VHDL)

SEMINAR ON VHSIC Hard ware Description Language(VHDL) :VHDL Stands for Very High Speed Integrated Circuits Hard ware Description Language.VHDL used in electronic design automation to describe and simulate complex digital systems.VHDL is designed and developed by department of US defense . The first version of VHDL designed to IEEE Standard 1076-1987 which include wide range of data types like numerical,logical,character,array and time.next the IEEE Standard 1164 which defined 9 value logic type.next the updated IEEE standard that allows the syntax more consistence and provide naming flexibility ,extends character type to allowing ISO-8859-1 printable characters and also add the xnor operator .Next IEEE Standard 1076.2 added the better handling functionalities of real and complex data types.IEEE Standard 1076.3 allows signed and unsigned types.IEEE standard 1076.1 provides analog and mixed signal circuit design extensions.VHDL IEEE Standard 1076-2008 published in 2009

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