SEMINAR ON OPEN SHORTEST PATH FIRST :Open shortest path first(OSPF) is a link state protocol.It is the successor of RIP.It uses the Dijkstra algorithm and shortest path first algorithms.Open shortest path first is class less routing protocol and OSPF was designed to support variable-length sub net masking (VLSM). OSPF maintains a record of a complete topological database of all connections in the local network.Ospf used to distribute the routing information in a single autonomous system it means independent system.In this updates are sent through multicast ip address " ".Routing changes are propagated instantaneously no periodically like in RIP.Hello packets are sent every 10 sec's and Administrative distance is 110.In Ospf there is no hop count limitation.Ospf running on Ipv4 and Ospf version 3 running on Ipv6.

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