Security Challenge and Defense in VoIP Infrastructures

seminar on Security Challenge and Defense in VoIP Infrastructures : Speech over Internet Method (VoIP) has become a common alternative to traditional public-switched telephone program (PSTN) systems that provides advantages of low cost and versatile innovative “digital” features. The mobility of the VoIP program and the unity of voice and information systems brings with it additional protection dangers. These are in addition to the common protection problems encountered by the actual IP information program features that a VoIP program will depend on. The result being that the VoIP program further reduces the protection guarantee objective encountered by corporations employing this technology. It is time to report various protection problems that a VoIP features may face and evaluate the difficulties and solutions that may guide upcoming analysis and development initiatives. In this report, we analyze and analyze the problems and requirements of VoIP protection. After a thorough review of protection problems and immunity systems, we focus on assaults and countermeasures unique to VoIP systems that are essential for current and upcoming VoIP implantations. Then, we evaluate two common industry best methods for obtaining VoIP systems and finish this report with further conversation on upcoming analysis suggestions. This report aspires to direct upcoming analysis initiatives and to offer helpful suggestions for experts.

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