SEMINAR ON RADIO FREQUENCY LIGHT SOURCE: RF lamp follows the same principles of conversion of electrical energy into visible radiation as conventional gas discharge lamps. The fundamental difference between the RF lamps and conventional lamps is that RF Lamps run without electrodes. the presence of electrodes in conventional fluorescent and high intensity discharge lamps has put many restrictions on lamp design and performance and is an important factor limiting lamp life. Recent advances in semiconductor power switching electronics, which is revolutionizing many factors of the electric power industry, and better understanding of the characteristics of the RF plasma, making it possible to drive the lamps at high frequencies.There are 3 practical ways to energize RF light sources, even though there are more ways to create RF plasmas.These are three ways correspond to different types of interactions of electromagnetic fields, with a limited range of plasma and different kinds RF emissions. They are: capacitive, inductive and sustained discharges.

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