Electric Powerline Networking For A Smart Home

SEMINAR ON Electric Powerline Networking For A Smart Home :
Electric power line networking is a method of home networking which is capable of interconnecting computers in your home. It uses exciting AC wiring and power outlets to transmit data around a home or small offices. It is based on the concept of 'no new wires'. It would let you share:
" Web access
" Printers
" PC hard drives
From any plug in your home or office.
Electric power line networking avoids the need for putting PCs near a phone outlet. Instead, computers and other devices are connected through electrical outlet. You are networked by just plugging in. power line networking is based on Homeplug Powerline Alliance's Homeplug 1.0 standards. With power line networking, a home owner can create an entire home network linking his/her,
" Personal computers
" Printers
" Music equipments
" Internet access
Without running any new wires.
Wires and sockets are used simultaneously for electricity and data, without disrupting each other. Thus power line networking provides a cost effective solution for home networking. With power line networking, you will be able to put your desktop PCs anywhere you like in your home. It will also easier to buy and network other devices.

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