SEMINAR ON WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS: This paper compares and contrasts two technologies to provide broadband Wireless Internet: "3G" vs. "WiFi". The 3G refers to the first
A collection of third generation mobile communication technologies, which are designed in such a way, the cell operators to offer integrated data and voice services in mobile networks. The second
WiFi refers to the 802.11b wireless Ethernet standard that was designed to support Wireless LAN. Although the two technologies reflect fundamentally different service,industrial and architectural design goals, origins, and philosophies, which has recently attracted much attention as candidates for the dominant platform for offering wireless access to broadband Internet. It remains an open question as to the extent that these two technologies are competing or possibly complementary. If
are considered in the competition, and the triumph of one over the other likely to be important for the development of wireless Internet structures and service industries.

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