Computer Forensic

SEMINAR ON Computer Forensic : The spread of the use of computers in the network society today is the creation some complex side effects, the application of the secular greed, envy, and revenge. Criminals are increasingly sophisticated in committing crimes.Computers are found in almost any kind of criminal activity. Gangs use computers to clone phones and credit cards re-encoding. Drug traffickers use computers to store records of transactions. Distribution of child pornography use Internet commerce to sell their wares. Fraud schemes were announced Internet. Counterfeiters and forgers are using computers to make passable copies of the paper currency or counterfeit cashier's checks, and create realistic-looking fake identification. In addition, the information stored in computers that the target of criminal activity. Information such as Social Security numbers and credit card intellectual property, confidential information, contract information, classified documents, etc., have been subjected. Moreover, the threat of the deliberate destruction of Sabotage software, employees, identity theft, blackmail, harassment and commercial espionage and the government is increasing. Staffing problems Automatic self-expression or inadequate environment unauthorized use of complaints as a result of lawsuits against employers as well as the loss of confidential information to pay millions of dollars. All this has led to an explosion the number and complexity of computers and computer systems are in as an internal or criminal investigations and the subsequent seizure of the computer systems and stored electronic communications.Computer forensics has become a "reality" for virtually all laws enforcement agencies and many are beginning to explore their options in the treatment this new place. Overnight, personal computers have transformed business. They also changed the world view of the evidence, because computers are increasingly used as tools in the commission of "traditional" crimes.The evidence against diversion murder, theft, extortion and were even found on personal computers. This new technology is a revolutionary crime computer evidence brought to the forefront in community law enforcement.

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