Aeronautical Communications

SEMINAR ON AERONAUTICAL COMMUNICATION : The demand for air travel to make a "pleasant, safe and generation of passengers is one of the best airlines and aircraft manufacturers industry. Current trends towards high-speed data communication in Internet applications in particular. In a scenario coverage of aviation worldwide is essential to provide continuous service. And satellite communications is essential, and the rate of data growth application requirements, aviation satellite communications to meet expanding market.Wireless Cabin (TSI -2001 - 37466) to address these radio access technologies for transport via satellite to terrestrial backbone networks. Project offering UMTS services, wireless LAN IEEE 802.11 b and blue tooth passenger cabin. With the advent of new services, a detailed study of the expected traffic is required to plan the capacity required to meet QoS requirements. This document will then describe the design method this system. In future airliners offer a wide range of entertainment and communication, a passenger. Because people are increasingly and accustomed to their communication devices such as mobile phones laptop and an Internet connection or via a network card or dial-up modem, business travelers will soon be demanding wireless communication services.

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