SEMINAR ON ZONE BASED ANT COLONY ROUTING IN MANET : Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) is a stochastic approach to solve combinatorial optimization problems, such as routing and data networks. The idea of ​​optimization methods based on the accumulation of food communities ant. Location of routing algorithms (POSANT) there were significant weaknesses to find the route is never guaranteed to be the shortest path, where it can find. Routing algorithms based on optimization of ant colonies to find routing paths that are close to the length of the shortest paths. The disadvantage of these algorithms have a number of control messages are sent, or a long delay before the paths are determined by the source destination.This study presents a new routing algorithm for mobile ad hoc networks by combining the concept of Ant Colony approach and Zone routing approach using a cluster to obtain the shortest path, with a small number of control messages in order to minimize above.This also shows that the ant colony based routing cluster of the area using the algorithm is more efficient than routing algorithm PASS comparative study of overheads and Area based raise Ant using the cluster concept regarding different node number , area size and mobility.

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