SEMINAR ON NETWORK OPERATING SYSTEM EVOLUTION : Modern network devices are complex entities composed of two chips and software. Therefore, the design of effective hardware platform is not in itself sufficient to achieve an efficient and cost-effective and operationally sustainable.The level of control is essential for development activities and to ensure the usability of the device.While progress in the development of faster processor card and transfer schemes are visible changes, structural made to the software are usually hidden, and when the seller often provide a list of safety features carrier-class Overall, the operational experiences vary considerably.
Products that have been through several generations of software versions are the best examples of The difference made by the choice operating system. Yet it is not uncommon to find router or switch, which began life Moreover, the monolithic software and later migrated to more contemporary designs. The positive effect on the stability and operational efficiency is easy to notice and appreciate.
However, the migration of a network operating system to another can cause problems of functionality does not overlap games, non contiguous operational experience and the quality of incompatible software. These potential challenges to be taken, highly desirable to build a monitoring system, which can control hardware products and features are supported by the current and futures markets.
Develop a quality flexible, durable, high-OS provides a foundation that can evolve through
meet the changing needs of its height up and down the scale, the width for adoption on many platforms, and depth of rich integration of new features and functions. It takes time, significant investment and extensive expertise.
Most engineers wrote the first versions of JUNOS OS from other companies where they had already built a network software. They had direct knowledge of what worked well and what could be improved. These Engineers have found new ways to solve the limitations they had experienced in the construction of older operating systems.resulting innovations in the JUNOS operating system is essential and disorder in its early stages of design. However, to ensure that our products anticipate and meet the next generation of market demand is re-evaluated periodically to JUNOS OS determine if changes are necessary to ensure that it continues to provide reliability, performance and resilience to those who know him.

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