SEMINAR ON EUVL : This paper discusses the basic concepts and current development of EUV lithography (GU), a relatively new form of lithography, which uses extreme ultraviolet (EUV) radiation with a wavelength in the range of 10-14 nanometers (nm) to carry out projection imaging. At the time, and the last decades, optical projection lithography is a lithographic technique, used in large quantities for manufacturing integrated circuits. In general it is estimated that improvements to this technology, it remains the workhorse in the semiconductor industry through the generation of 100 nm devices. However, some time around the year 2008, the so-called Next Generation Lithography necessary. OJ is such a technology in the running to become the successor to optical lithography. This document provides an overview of the capacity OJ, and explains how OJ could be implemented. The challenges to be overcome for EUVL to qualify for high-volume manufacturing are also discussed.

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