SEMINAR ON SPECT : Emission tomography is a technique where multiple sectional images of tissue function can be produced, thus eliminating the effect of overlying and underlying activities. The technique of ECT is usually considered as two distinct methods. Single-emission tomography is to use gamma rays emitted by simple nuclear decay. Positron emission tomography allows the use of radioisotopes, such as gallium-68, when two gamma rays each 511KeV aired simultaneously during a positron from a nuclear solution destroys tissue.
SPECT, the symbol of single-photon emission computed tomography is a nuclear medicine technique that uses radiopharmaceuticals, a rotating camera and a computer to produce images that allow us to visualize functional information on a patient-specific organ or body system. SPECT images are functional in nature rather than purely anatomical, such as ultrasound, CT and MRI. SPECT, like PET receives information on the concentration of radionuclides to the physical integrity of the patient.
SPECT dates from the early 1960 s, when the idea of positron emission traverse section was introduced by DEKuhl and RQEdwards before PET, X-ray, CT or MRI. The first commercial treaty or single photon SPECT imaging unit was developed by Edward Kuhl and produce tomographic images from the emission data in 1963. Many research systems, clinical standards have been developed in the 1980s.
SPECT stands for single photon emission computed tomography. As its name suggests (single photon emission) gamma rays are the sources of information instead of X-ray emission in conventional CT scan.
Similar to X-rays, CT scans, MRI, SPECT, etc. helps us to understand the operating data of the patient to a specific organ or body system.
Internal radiation is administered using a pharmaceutically labeled with a radioactive isotope. This isotope decay property, resulting from the emission of gamma rays. These gamma rays gives us a picture of what happens in the patient's body.
Using the most important tool for Nuclear Medicine-Gamma Camera. gamma camera imaging can be used to obtain the design of 2-D images or SPECT images to obtain 3-D.

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